Tamil Cultural Center project is the result of our recognition that Tamils are here to stay and we need to initiate a long term project to serve the evolving needs of the community.

Tamil Manram bannerTamil Manram has always been a leader of Tamil community and has been serving in the bay area for the past thirty plus years. It is time for it to move to a higher plane and meet changing needs of the community. Tamil Manram should represent the affluent Tamil community and be its voice. It should be the first stop for any one with social, personal, immigration or any other problem.

Having a Tamil Community Center will help Tamil Manram set up a Tamil library, and a Tamil computing center; it can also provide resources for language and cultural studies; it can offer a variety of onsite services like childcare, fitness center, senior center etc. It can harness its experience and provide various services like event organization, accounts management etc. to other organizations.