We have tried to answer some of the common questions about Tamil Cultural Center project. For more questions please feel free to contact us by email.

What is Tamil Cultural Center project?

It is an ambitious project by Tamil Manram to build a Tamil Cultural Center in the San Francisco bay area with class rooms, Tamil library, Tamil computing center and other infrastructure to support promotion of Tamil literary research as well as support the needs of local Tamil community. In the past decade population of Tamils in the US and particularly in the bay area has grown significantly. Tamil Cultural Center project is the result of our recognition that Tamils are here to stay and we need to initiate a long term project to serve the evolving needs of the community.

What is the primary focus of Tamil Cultural Center?

Besides providing a physical space for Tamil community related activities, primary focus of Tamil Cultural Center will be to help serve the needs of the local Tamil community. It will focus on service oriented activities like managing a senior center, helping any one with social, personal, immigration or any other problem.

What are the goals of Tamil Cultural Center?

Goals of Tamil Cultural Center are:

  • To provide the Tamil community of the greater San Francisco Bay Area with a physical base for cultural activities, where a sense of belonging and unity are strengthened.
  • To teach the younger generation of Tamil Americans about their culture expressed through the Tamil language, history and traditions in order to nurture pride in their heritage and identity.
  • To provide other Tamil organizations with the support they need to carry out their programs in serving the community.
  • To provide community members with the support they need to address their emotional and educational needs to become productive citizens. This will include citizenship and ESL classes, senior citizen support, help for abused spouses, etc.
  • To disseminate information and assist all who are seeking to learn about Tamil language, culture, and history.
  • To provide a library of Tamil and Tamil related books.
  • To provide a Tamil Computing Center where people can get training on using Tamil on the Internet and Tamil software, and access Tamil Virtual University materials.
  • To provide physical space for Tamil cultural and educational institutions to conduct their classes and events

How will Tamil Cultural Center’s activities differ from Tamil Manram’s activities?

Besides managing the physical assets, primary focus of Tamil Cultural Center is service oriented activities. Tamil Manram will continue to focus on performing arts and bring Tamil cultural, literary, and language based events to the bay area.

How will Tamil Cultural Center work with India Community Center?

Tamil Cultural Center is being developed not as a competition to India Community Center. Tamil Cultural Center will complement the services provided by India Community Center. E.g. Tamil Cultural Center has goals like building a Tamil computing center, Tamil library, providing scholarships to Tamil scholars, funding research in Tamil, publishing Tamil literary works etc. Wherever possible Tamil Community Center will work with India Community Center.

How can I help?

Please spread the word and help raise funds. There are links on this webpage to promote this website in social media sites like Facebook, Google+ etc. and also to make donations online. We need all the support we can get. This is a community project. Please get involved. For questions please contact by email.

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